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PITTSBURGH 2 number one


5 inch by 8 inch novel sized / 28 page selfsame cover gloss / full color / text on on side and sequencing on the other / comics zine hybrid / continuing adventures from my PITTSBURGH book / this is the stuff I cut out cuz it was too much of a sidebar / newstand lottery narrative / super loose / first take follies / i wanna just stack signatures and sort it out later / this is totally experimental so don't buy it thinking it is a sequel to PITTSBURGH / buy it to flip later / I made 50 with 11 artist proofs so edition of 61 / each one is different / very homemade / my plan is to make 50 and when they sell out make another 50 and just do small editions / this is gonna be a serial / next issue already in the can / trying to figure out how to make it affordable / thanks ////INTERNATIONAL queries please email me phantoropressATgmail

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